Hello there

Thank you for joining us in our mission to combine the two things that keep people going:

Coffee + Sunshine

We all know that a good cup ‘O joe makes us happier, kinder, and more alive… but did you know spending some time outside is proven to do just the same, two-fold?

How great!

But here’s the problem:

We live in a technology-dependent, full-scheduled society that makes sneaking in a nature walk difficult and overwhelming. This is why Picnic Grounds was created. We want to make getting that daily dose of fresh air and vitamin D more convenient and delicious, and we are doing that by bringing an outdoor café to you. Our coffee is locally roasted, our syrups are hand crafted, and our teas and ades are liquid sunshine. So pull up a blanket & come sip outside with us!

Scientists have discovered that spending some time outside on a regular basis results in the above benefits + more!

Our lovely little mobile cart is helping Picnic Grounds pave the way in this wonderful world of coffee + sunshine and allowing us to pop up anywhere. But this is just the beginning. One day Picnic Grounds will an outdoor café – a space where you can sip on your favorite drink, grab a blanket/hammock/yoga mat, sprawl out under a tree or under the sun and do whatever you please. Perhaps you get some work done on your laptop, or delve into your favorite book, or catch some Z’s! The healing powers of nature, community & energy (a.k.a. coffee) will take care of the rest!