At Picnic Grounds, the coffee is locally roasted and every cup is hand pressed. All syrups are hand crafted and designed to complement the drinks rather than overtake them. We use nourishing ingredients and natural sweeteners to keep you sippin’ outside for longer! 


French Press Coffee – Espresso – Americano – Latte – Nitro Cold Brew

Housemade flavors & syrups:

VANILLA honey+pure maple syrup+vanilla

FRESH MINT mint leaves+agave nectar 

TOASTED COCONUT coconut sugar+coconut extract+coconut milk 

MAPLE MOCHA cocao+pure maple syrup

SEASONAL agave cardamom, orange spice, orange mocha, maple brown sugar, peppermint mocha

Spiced Chai – Matcha Latte – Golden Mylk – Hot Cocoa – Iced/Hot Teas

Specials: Cold Brew Floats – Affogato – Sparkling Lemonade – Pastries

*Menu options vary based on event* 


If you’d like to enjoy PG cold brew in the comfort of your own home, our growler program is for you! The first 32oz bottle is $16; refills are $11. Add $1 if you want it infused with a PG syrup. We also offer growlers of Iced Tea and Golden Milk on special request! Thanks to Corvo Coffee Roasters for hooking it up with the best beans, sustainably sourced from farms around the world.


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